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    Custom peptide synthesis, Consultancy Services, API,
    bulk chemicals, intermediates and contract research.
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    Empowering Peptide Research
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    We offer commonly used peptides for your research.
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    Services for peptides, unusual amino acids, D-amino acid,
    modified and specially designed peptides.

About Ohio Peptide

Ohio Peptide was founded in 2010 and registered in the State of Ohio. Seven years latter Ohio Peptide has very satisfied clients from academic as well renounced industrial organizations. The company specialize in the supply of high quality catalog peptides, Custom peptides Services, overlapping peptides, peptide conjugates, Peptide synthesis Manufacturer, Consultancy Services, API, and bulk chemicals for use in the research and drug discovery. We have manufacturing capabilities from milligram to kilogram scale here in Powell, Ohio.

Ohio Peptide


Being a small company we give individulized attention to each customer at Ohio Peptide. We keep our overhead costs low and transfer the discount to our customers. We welcome your questions and look forward to be in business with you.

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We offer commonly used peptides for your research. Quality is our number one priority to ensure our peptides meet or exceed your specifications. All Peptides are HPLC purified & supplied with information on solubility, analytical HPLC profile, and MS analysis data with purity by HPLC: >95%.

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A customer is the most important visitor on our website or premises; we look forward to working with you. We are an Ohio-based company providing high quality custom syntheis and catalog peptides for usage in research and drug discovery. Sign up to our email list and you can save 15% on your first order!.
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Tony We have had very good success with peptides made by Ohio Peptide.
You will also find Dr. Rawale's research experience, to be very helpful.
Cristiano The quality of peptides by Ohio Peptide and customer service is the best that we've experienced over the years. I'd be pleased to answer e-mail inquiries or talk to other researchers considering use of peptides from Ohio Peptide.

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