We offer commonly used peptides for your research. If you require another Custom peptide synthesis, then please contact us and we will provide a competitive quote for the synthesis. Quality is our number one priority to ensure our peptides meet or exceed your specifications. All Peptides are HPLC purified and supplied with information on solubility, analytical HPLC profile, and MS analysis data with purity by HPLC: >95%.
Cat. No. Peptide name Amino Acid Sequence
OP101 Neurokinin A Sequence H2N-HKTDSFVGLM-amide
OP102 Neurokinin A Sequence(Control Peptide) Acetyl-HKTDSFVGLM-amide
OP103 Substance P Sequence H2N-RPKPQQFFGLM-amide
OP104 Substance P Sequence(Control Peptide) Acetyl-RPKPQQFFGLM-amide
OP105 Flu mp 58 H2N-GILGFVFTL-OH
OP106 Hemagglutinin (535-543)[Influenza A Virus]td> H2N-IYSTVASSL-OH
OP107 (Tyr8) Bradykinin H2N-RPPGFSPYR-OH
OP108 (Val5) Angiotensin-II-human H2N-DRVYVHPF-OH
OP109 Angiotensin-I-human H2N-DRVYIHPFHL-OH
OP110 Ovalbumin (257-264) H2N-SIINFEKL-OH
OP111 Ovalbumin (323-339) H2N-ISQAVHAAHAEINEAGR-OH
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