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Custom Peptide Quote Request

To request a quotation for a Custom peptide synthesis, please contact us with the peptide sequence, quantity and desired purity with any modification, please indicate its position in the sequence, e.g. N-terminal Acetyl, C-terminal Amide, phosphorylation, Cys-DOTA, Stable C13 or N15 labeled amino acid, D-amino acid, N-terminal biotin, internal biotin at the specific amino acid position, dPEG, Formylation, Disulfide bridge (1,2 or 3), Succinylation, Fatty acid (N-Terminal), Acryl(N-Terminal), Methyl ester (C terminal), FITC, Fluorescein, Lys(Ac), Lys(Biotin).

Please contact us online or call us at Tel. +1 614-389-2477 or you can print the form and fax to +1 877-236-9161 and we will provide a competitive quote within 24 hr.

Please choose your amino acid code from the following list:

Alanine (Ala), A | Arginine (Arg), R | Asparagine (Asn), N | Aspartic Acid (Asp), D | Cysteine (Cys), C | Glutamic Acid (Glu), E | Glutamine (Gln), Q | Glycine (Gly), G | Histidine (His), H | Isoleucine (IIe), I | Leucine (Leu), L | Lysine (Lys), K | Methionine (Met), M | Phenylalanine (Phe), F | Proline (Pro), P | Serine (Ser), S | Threonine (Thr), T | Tryptophan (Trp), W | Tyrosine Y (Tyr) | Valine (Val), V |

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